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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Is your poop red?

Blood in your stool can be a sign of a serious disorderWebMD is a good resource for information.  However, your ordure being red could be a symptom of something I find disgusting, but otherwise completely harmless.

CREDIT: Frito Lay
Flamin' Hot Cheetos.  Yes, this seemingly innocuous treat is turning caca red.  

I guess looking down into the toilet and seeing bright red night soil might be frightening, frightening enough to wonder about seeking medical treatment.  There are reports that scared parents are taking children to the ER because of red turds.

Evidently, red dye #40 is not metabolized, so it is passed along with the rest of the excreta.  

Red Dye #40
Here is what I find shitty, and it doesn't have to do with crap.  Frito Lay's website provide the nutritional information for its snacks.  If you chow down on an entire 8.5 oz bag, you've consumed 1360 Calories.  If you have usually eat 2000-2500 Calorie a day, this one bag is your breakfast and lunch.  You also consumed more than two grams of salt - an entire day's worth of sodium.

DISCLAIMER:  I do love Lay's Classic potato chips.  These have a nice flavor with a good balance of fat and salt.

NOTE: I tried as hard as I could to use as many synonyms for feces.  Some I didn't use are bodily waste, droppings, pooh, poo, manure, dung, bowel movement, number two, and doo-doo. I also didn't to use any words like sheisse, merde, dreck, and govno from other languages. The reader is invited to submit their own in the comments.

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  1. A nice laugh. I love your Blogs Van...Donna Hollander