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Friday, March 29, 2013

The Vagina Dialogue

Let's start with a quiz.  Fill in the blank on this anatomical diagram.  For credit, one must use the correct scientific term.

The answer is vagina.  Did you get it correct?

Tim McDaniel, a 10 grade science teacher in Dietrich, Idaho, is facing charges filed by four parents.  Among those charges is that he "used inappropriate language in class."  The language he used was vagina.  

Dietrich, ID
Mr. McDaniel has been teaching this material for 17 years, because the health teacher wasn't comfortable with the subject.  17 years without a complaint.

This section of Idaho is highly religious and predominantly Mormon.  While statewide Idaho's teen pregnancy rate is roughly the same as the nation's rate of 34.3 births per 1000, this region of southern Idaho has a teen birth rate of 60 births per 1000.  Jerome County, just south of Lincoln County where Dietrich is located, has a teen birth rate of 90.

I think there's a bigger problem than a teacher using a scientific term correctly.

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