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Monday, July 15, 2013

Bad News for Fans of "The View"

CREDIT: Kevin Winters/Getty Images

Despite just last week saying there would no one new joining the women on The View, Barbara Walters announced today that Jenny McCarthy will be joining the talk show.

Jenny is an anti-vaxxer. She willfully rejects modern science in favor of fear. Here is a comment she made in 2009.
Autism is not primarily a genetic disorder, but caused by vaccine-related toxins (including mercury, aluminum, ether, anti-freeze ,and human aborted fetal tissue) and pesticides.
As Science-Based Medicine notes:

  • Genetic changes in the DNA that codes for neuronal cell adhesion is associated with autism.
  • Mercury and aluminum has been conclusively shown to have nothing to do with autism.
  • Ether, anti-freeze, pesticides, and fetal tissues are not in vaccines.

The View is not just a talk show. It like Oprah in the past is a influential source of news.  Having Jenny McCarty on is dangerous to everyone's health. Do I exaggerate? Tell that to the parents of Dana Elizabeth McCaffery.

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