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Friday, March 16, 2012

Is Your Baby in a Bad Mood?

Wouldn't it be wonderful if a parent of an infant knew what a baby was feeling?  Imagine knowing the reason why the baby is crying and not having to wonder if it's hunger, sleepiness, or a wet diaper.

Exmobaby to the rescue!  Exmobaby is "a next generation “smart garment” line of apparel specifically designed for newborns and infants."  The onesie has imbedded in the fabric conducting fibers that measure heart rate, skin temperature, and movement.  A transmitter then sends data every minute to a PC within 100 feet. [What!  No Mac version!] Software on the computer interprets the data, sends it to a website that will send alerts to cell phones, email accounts, or instant messaging accounts.

My first thought is what happens when a malfunction occurs. Suppose the heart monitor and the motion sensor fails.  A mother gets a text message that her babies heart isn't beating and the baby isn't moving.

My second thought is - isn't this onesie just weird.  Plus, isn't this company playing on the fears of first-time parents.  I should say well-to-do first-time parents.  While not available for purchase yet, distributors can buy one for $1000.  Less affluent parents will just have to rely on less current technology.

1 comment:

  1. As a mother of three I call BS on this gadget! I agree it is preying on first time neurotic parents! Whatever happened to go with your gut instinct! I think technology has been a great advancement fir some parenting aids but this seems a little crazzzay!